Sales Training

Selling Solutions provides customized training, specifically for your business.   Whether you have dedicated sales people or business development is the responsibility the top management, we can provide a solution that will take you to the next level of sales.

We also provide a number of scheduled sales classes and workshops for both advanced and new sales professionals. Both single subject classes and multi session classes that cover a number of areas, over a number of sessions are available to meet your specific needs.

Why Sales Training Is Important For Both The New And The Experienced

Whether you are a business owner where sales is a major part of your life or you are a dedicated sales person, sales is not like riding a bike, a basic skill that we learn quickly and sticks with us for life. Sales is not taught in college and rarely taught in the workplace. For many, they learn on their own and often never learn the basics, pick up bad habits and continue to use unsuccessful techniques for life. For these reasons, less than twenty percent of people who sell are ever really successful.

Sales training is a great way for new business owners and sales professionals to learn the basics so they can succeed in their new profession and truly enjoy it at the same time. The training is most successful when taken, while on the job, and in multi session, single subject classes over a period of time. Students get to learn, use and review their new skills in an ongoing manner and succeed much more quickly.

Sales training also provides a way for seasoned people to learn advanced ways to sharpen their skills/expertise/proficiency/mojo. Sales is a skill that is continually learned throughout ones career.