Five Essential Questions To Ask Yourself

We are great at making New Year’s resolutions for our businesses. We start by saying that we are going to hit some new level of sales or increase our production by some percentages, but often these are just aspirations and the resolutions quickly fade as the year progresses. Now, <strong><em>twelve weeks</em></strong> into the year, many resolutions have grown faint.   At the end of the year we are no farther ahead than were at the beginning of the year.

If you really want to achieve success, then make real and measurable goals and include quantifiable processes and time tables to reach them. Goals must also be customer focused where customers are better off after dealing with you.

Here are five essential questions that you must be able to answer if you want reach the business goals that you are establishing for yourself.

  • If I am your best prospect, why would I consider buying from you?
  • Regardless of who’s providing it, why would anybody need your offering?
  • Where did you end up last year, and where do you want to be this year? Your goals must be measurable.
  • What are the processes and measurable steps that you’ll use to reach your goals?
  • If you didn’t reach your goals last year and your processes haven’t changed, then what makes you think that you will hit your goals for this year?

Begin by writing down your goals and make them clear and include processes to reach each of them. Regularly measure both the end results and the steps along the way, and incorporate a time table to hit specific steps. By doing these few things, you’ll have a much better chance of successfully hitting your goals this year.